Wisconsin Technology Education Association Conference

March 3-5 2010

Chula Vista Resort-Wisconsin Dells

Here is all the information you will need for the WTEA conference. Please note a few items.

  • Cost for TECA members is $60 and the cost for non-TECA members is $90.
  • You don't need to write separate checks for each item (membership, registration etc.). Write out one check for either $60 or $90 and we will cut the separate checks.
  • You need to turn in all the forms that are attached to this page (exception is the TECA membership form if you are a current member).
  • Each room will have a room captain who is in charge of reserving the room and paying for it up front. This person will get reimbursed the week we get back.
  • THE MONEY AND THE REGISTRATION FORMS ARE ALL DUE BY WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 17! IF YOU TURN IT IN AFTER THAT IT WILL BE AN EXTRA $20! Turn registration into Nolan, Justin Pitz or the TECA mailbox. We will also be figuring out room assignments and carpools on the 17th.
  • If you do not want to print off these forms, you can pick them up in the TECA office (on top of red cabinets).
  • Please read everything carefully and dont hesitate to email me at otremban@my.uwstout.edu.


Everything you need to know if you are planning on attending the conference.
WTEA Information.doc
Microsoft Word Document 33.0 KB
Registration Form
If you are a current TECA member please check the box that says "Current Member." If you are NOT a current TECA member please check the box that says "New Member."
WTEA Registration 2010.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 30.6 KB
School of Ed Expectations
This form outlines the SOE's expectations of you at this conference. It must be signed to attend the conference.
SOE StmtValuesDisp.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 54.0 KB
SSA Risk Awareness
This is an SSA form which says that TECA and SSA is not liable for any incidents. It must be signed to attend the conference.
SSA risk_awarness_agrmnt.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 47.8 KB
TECA Membership
NON CURRENT TECA MEMBERS ONLY. This form is required for all people who are NOT current TECA members.
membership form.doc
Microsoft Word Document 26.5 KB



Oct. 12 @ 7pm 

Comm Tech 224


Executive Meeting:

Oct. 17 @ 4:45

Comm Tech 224

Committee Meetings


 To Be Announced



To Be Announced



To Be Announced